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Vegetable Tagine – the 1 pot wonder

A one pot Wonder!

This recipe came about when I was visiting one of our lovely Aunts. It was about 30mins until dinner time (well before my tummy was going to rumble!) and I wondered what she was going to make in the short time we had. I was so amazed when she explained this recipe and when all the vegetables were cut I was expecting to take out a couple of saucepans. But to my surprise she just took out ONE porcelain dish and put everything in it. It was like a magic trick! Then about 20 mins later, this beautiful bowl came out with some fluffy couscous and it looked like it had all taken hours to cook. I have made this several times now and it never fails to amaze me how you just need to ‘chop and drop’!

A meal for four in 20 minutes, healthy (no oil!) AND tasty. It’s true – I’m no Jamie! Check out the recipe here.

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My alarm clock for the senses

There’s nothing quite like a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.  But South Indian filter coffee is the King in my books!


The nectar to start a fab new day!

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This is an interesting article about London’s most famous curry houses on Brick Lane. Brick Lane is a very famous and historical street in London and has been identified with the flourishing curry trade since the 1900’s. The article states that the local Council is experiencing anti-social behaviour and wants to cut the opening hours. But isn’t the root of the problem the cheap prices that are leading people to behave this way? Should the Council take more responsibility and spend the money on more police vigilance and not ‘pass the buck’ by asking the restaurateurs to close earlier?

Read the article here.

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February 6, 2014 · 11:02 am

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog and hope you enjoy the culinary adventures on the way!

My first dish to celebrate the start of this blog...with my one and only home-made Ganesha.

My first dish to celebrate the start of this blog. ‘Kesari’ – a sweet dish (also called ‘Suji’ in Hindi!) sitting along with my favourite idol ‘Ganesha’ made from flour & water.


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