The inspirational ladies behind this blog

This is just a quick one to wish my Amma and Patti (Mother and Grandmother) a very Happy Mothers day today…and every day! I’m missing them both a lot today as both are in different countries at present and not here for me to give them a hug 😦  However I can write this dedication for them and that they are the reason that this blog even exists! It is through their passion and love of food that has enabled me to receive such awesome inspiration and energy and I am sure many of you out also have similar experiences 🙂

So those of you who are celebrating this special day with your mums or are thinking of your mothers if they are not with you, I hope you have an inspirational day ❤ Mine will be filled with writing out some special recipes passed down from my Patti and Amma and remembering fun kitchen adventures with them.

Even if you don’t have kiddies of your own, I hope today the younger ones around in your life give you positive energy to be a great role model and a continuous source of inspiration to them ❤

Let’s Cook, Eat and Inspire!

Happy Mothers day!

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