Chilli Paneer with Marmite. Yes MARMITE! :-)

chilli paneer PM

It’s becoming quite chilly in the western hemisphere and Chilli Paneer is one dish that is sure to give comfort, a big smile :-)…as well as warmth. This can be eaten all by its own or along with noodles or rice.

This dish has always been my personal favourite item to order whenever we go used to go out to a North Indian restaurant when I was younger and now I can make it at home I am not ashamed to say that I would be happy to have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner! I have tried making this with different types of paneer and chilli paneer is a dish which I think does get affected by the quality of the paneer as the lower quality types seem to absorb the flavour a lot less and tend to be a bit rubbery. It’s great if you can make your own (and it’s easier than you think!) but good quality shop bought paneer is also fine and very convenient if you’re making it for a small number of people at home.

So my sister was the one that introduced me to the special ingredient to add in this version of chilli paneer – Marmite! 🙂 She saw it used in other recipes and suggested I added this into chilli paneer. Why not eh?! I know you Marmite haters out there might think this would be the yukkiest thing ever, but I have tested this on other Marmite-haters and they couldn’t tell that it had Marmite in it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t like Marmite usually, it just enhances the tangy-ness of the chilli paneer and the usual yeasty flavour doesn’t come through. If you haven’t added this ingredient before, I do encourage you to have a go – but – you do  have to be careful with the amount you put in! I would be interested if anyone tries this recipe with Vegemite – please let me know how it turns out!

So this post is dedicated to my lovely sister and you can click HERE if you want to give this a go 🙂

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One response to “Chilli Paneer with Marmite. Yes MARMITE! :-)

  1. Ambi

    Marmite…YUMMEEEEEEE……..I love it!


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