Spring’s here!

Spring Salad1

Although the weather is quite changeable at the moment here in the U.K., there’s no denying that the Spring is here and it’s inspired me to make something to celebrate this great season! Luckily I love salads but sometimes I like to entice salad-haters (how dare they hate them!) with something they can’t resist. So this salad inspired from the Middle East is one of them! If you are organised with the ingredients it really takes hardly any time to put together and it will make any guests think you have spent hours on it 🙂

I have replaced the usual tabbouleh ingredient of Bulgar, with Quinoa instead which gives added protein and goes well with the other ingredients. You could replace the Feta with it’s healthier cousin, cottage cheese, but i think the Feta gives a really nice tang and looks really pretty strewn across the top of the salad. Pomegranates can be hard to find sometimes so you can replace these with red grapes.  If you are a fan of cinnamon then this spice also goes well with the cumin and gives a fantastic aroma to the whole dish.

This is a really satisfying dish so sometimes you just don’t need anything else to go with it and is great for al fresco dining with your favourite glass of something! Recipe can be found here: http://wp.me/P4jbrn-5o

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